F​/​V Hope

by Friendship

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released May 27, 2017

Pete Gill: pedal steel, guitar
Mike Cormier: drums, percussion, vibraphone
Evangeline Krajewski: synth
Jon Samuels: bass
Evan M. Marré: rhodes, piano
Abi Reimold: vox
Dan Wriggins: vox, guitar

All songs Dan Wriggins (BMI) except "Bicycle," by Kath Bloom (BMI)
Recorded and mixed by Evan M. Marré in Philadelphia
Mastered by Tom Volpicelli
Produced by Friendship and Evan M. Marré
Photos: Justin Wendler
Special Thanks: Kath, Joey, Will, Teddy


all rights reserved



Friendship Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Rich Man
What's up with you? I'm just hanging, hanging out in the balance, steering clear of jerks
They still got my car at the Midas, can I have a ride to work?

how you remind me, you help me understand

What are you up to, mom? I'm just picking the moldy ones from a carton of blackberries
Every day I gain a little perspective. Your love is such an important part of me

how you remind me, you help me understand
that I am a rich man, rich in love
I am a rich man, rich in family
I am a rich man, rich in friends
I am a rich man

What's up with you? It's just good to hear from you. I'm not always the best at keeping in touch
Well it's not like you always assuage me. It's not like it's always enough

but you remind me, you help me understand
that I am a rich man, rich in love
I am a rich man, rich in family
I am a rich man, rich in friends
I am a rich man, of course I doubt
I am a Christian, that's why I doubt
I am a rich man
Track Name: Bicycle
(Song by Kath Bloom)

Saw you riding your bicycle today
we got laughing and you pulled me close
I don't know what we do, but it's good
and I know I would ride with you if I could

You were stopping, please don't stop
let's ride away, ride away, this time for good
and let our love go the places that it should
Track Name: Seen But no Reply
Oh how my puny brain
fails to provide
I read your email
three times

you didn't wish any harm on me, and you did not wish me well
you wished me nothing

seen but no reply, come on, come on, come on

You came to me for a minute,
I got back to my chores
I peeled an onion
to the core

If it makes it easier, who am I to protest? I guess it makes it a little easier for you to be a stranger
Track Name: HMU
You've been claiming to live in the moment
I don't know what that means
Like a camera with the shutter wide open
What does that mean?

You've got a vision of how things ought to be
How we could live in harmony
Well, you clearly know the theory
but you see so little harmony

We got our differences of opinion
But maybe we could still be friends
so hit me up if you come around

I hope you know I'll always love you
But I can't blow bubbles forever
There was no me, there was no you
Unless we were together

I guess it's better if we break it off
But that doesn't have to be the end
so hit me up if you come around
Track Name: Fine
"A cold spring, the violet's flawed"
Wrote Elizabeth Bishop
Cold coffee on the card table
Should I wake you, or shut up?
At least I brought something to read
It's a mystery to me

The button is on the cord
Depress and the current flows
I said "It doesn't work like that."
But what do I know?
I see it flicker on your face
I don't always get what you say

How often you lit the way
When the way was darkening
I don't mean to exaggerate,
Of course I had misgivings
But it was always fine by me,
It was always fine by me

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